How can Yoga help me?

One of our yoga teachers, Lauri, believes that the benefits of yoga extend far beyond the mat, as yoga is a ‘practice for living’.

Here are a few ways that the practice of Yoga could support you and your wellbeing:

  • Increased physical strength and mobility.

  • A feeling of spaciousness, freedom and ease in the body and mind.

  • Mental clarity, increased attention and concentration.

  • A more stable and steady nervous system.

  • A deeper connection with the happenings of your own body and mind.

  • Reduction in pain and tension in the body, mind and breath.

  • A sense of empowerment through learning to use yoga poses, meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques for your wellbeing.

What can I expect at my Yoga Class?

  • To feel supported and accepted to come completely as you are, regardless of physical or emotional challenges.

  • Some 1:1 support due to small class sizes.

  • The opportunity to have a little fun and not take ourselves too seriously throughout the yoga practice!

  • Options to build heat and strength as well as softness and ease within the body.

  • A sense of community and herbal tea after every class.

Classes on offer

  • Foundations Yoga
    This 8 week program is perfect for those who are brand new to yoga, people returning to yoga following a break, or people who would like to gain more confidence with their yoga practice in a fun, inclusive, supportive environment. Classes will have a strong focus on alignment, supporting you to move in and out of poses safely. The program will also include an introduction to mindfulness, meditation and yoga philosophy.

  • Slow Flow Yoga
    A slow, mindful vinyasa flow practice weaving mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques and philosophy throughout. Perfect for beginners or experienced yogis who would like to slow down the body, mind and breath.

  • Rest & Restore Yoga
    A deeply restorative, restful practice made up of mostly floor based poses, long holds and use of props to ensure comfort and ease. Moments of gentle movement will be woven throughout the practice to shift energy around the body between longer holds. Perfect for anyone seeking rest and recovery. All levels welcome.

  • Meditation
    An accessible meditation practice weaving mindfulness, pranayama (breath work) and philosophy throughout. Suitable for those new to meditation as well as people with a regular meditation practice.


Lauri Phyland
Yoga Teacher