The practitioners and teachers at Be Well are here to help everyone across our community but just to give you a little idea, we have listed a few of the types of people we help on a daily basis.

Mothers & Mums-to-be

During pregnancy and for some time after, our bodies are constantly adapting to change. We work along side you during this time providing personalised holistic care to help reduce discomfort and prepare for birth. After the birth we focus on making sure you are comfortable nursing and caring for your new arrival.

treat children

Babies & Children

Not all osteopaths treat babies – they are not just little adults. Several osteopaths here at Be Well have done extensive training to be able to provide the best treatment for your child. Very gentle techniques are used to help release musculoskeletal strains. These strains can sometimes affect feeding and sleeping and lead to increased crying in babies and can cause pain and discomfort during growth spurts in children. We are trained to know when we can treat babies and children and what needs to be referred to a paediatrician.

treat elderly


Whether it’s the golf you don’t want to give up or just the pain in your knees and hips that’s slowing you down, we can help. We understand that you want to stay as active and pain free as you can and by using some gentle stretching and mobility techniques we help you to achieve those goals.

treat sport injuries

Sports People

We treat the A-Z of sporting injuries, including strains, sprains and general muscle tightness. You might also like to pop in and see us about those repetitive niggles that are slowing you down or holding you back from your full potential.

treat tradies

Trades People

Your job requires repetitive movements, manual labour and at times long hours. From time to time your body tells you it’s had enough! We get it. Thats why we will get to work treating your symptoms to reduce your pain while also educating you about potential little changes you could be making to reduce recurrence of your pain in the future.

work related injuries

Desk Workers

Are you finding yourself constantly reaching to massage your own shoulders or regular headaches? The team at Be Well can step in and give that massage and help relieve some of that tension. We also make little recommendations about sit-to-stand desks, chairs and computer set up to get the best out of your workspace.